RM#2 : Halloween Special Adai

Halloween just got over. And my children celebrated in their schools. The most I liked about Halloween is the availability of different kinds and shapes Pumpkins everywhere. Which otherwise is not so very commonly available here in all the shops. That was about Halloween.

Now to tell you "How my adai became a Halloween Special Adai". I made this adai when I started blogging sometimes in September. I am not so good in garnishing or designing the food. I do it only to some extent. But then I saw so many of my friend bloggers presenting their dish very beautifully decorated. So thought about decorating my Adai and it turned out to be a Halloween Adai. All where laughing at me and asking me "Unakku ithu thevaiya". But the happiest part of it was that children liked the idea of dressing up food like this and both of them ate happily.

Now announcing my entry to DK's Recipe Marathon. Well I have been seeing for 2 days everywhere. 1st time when I saw it in Srivalli's blog I said Hats Off to her for posting recipes everyday. And then I kept on seeing it everywhere. I started asking myself "Will I be able to do it?". First time when the question arose I was very nervous and decided I cannot and put it out of my mind. But then again the next day still many more participants and then I decided that I will also give it a try. So asked DK with lot of doubts in my mind, if I could join the race too, since I was already 1 day late. And too my happiness she accepted it. Thanks to her and to all others friends who have already started wishing me luck even before I announced my entry for the Marathon.

So then here is the recipe of the 3rd day of Recipe Marathon hosted by DK of Culinary Bazzar. Adai, a simple and scrumptious dish, is a very popular South-Indian savory. It makes an excellent snack, school-lunch and an equally good meal. Adai served with Avial is the very best combination. Go to any South Indian hotel and order for Adai you will get with Avial. But then it can also be served with Coconut Chutney or Jaggery ( we call it chakkarai. It is like coarsely shredded jaggery, but then has a little different taste than the usual jaggery). It is quick to make and unlike Dosa, it does not require as much planning.

I think it was too much of bla bla bla today. Let us go the Recipe now.
Halloween Special Adai (Thuvaram Paruppu Adai)
Par Boiled Rice - 2 cup

Thuvar Dal - 1/2 cup

Red Chillies - 4 to 5 ( You can vary the number of chillies to suit ur taste buds)

Coconut Shredded - 3 tb.sp ( I prefer to Coconuts cut into small very very tiny pieces in Adai, it gives a crunchy taste. But does not work out for people having false teeth. Here in my Adai I have not used coconut since I did not have it that day)

Pepper + Cumin Powder - 1 t.sp
Chopped Onion - 1 Big
Freshly chopped coriander leaves, curry leaves - 2 tb.sp (optional)
Asafoetida - a pinch (optional, I prefer to add it for all my Adais since it helps in easy digestion)
Salt to taste
Oil for cooking

Wash the rice, dal and soak for about 3 to 4 hrs. Grind it a little coarse mixture (i.e. not very fine like for Idly/Dosa and too coarse) along with the red chillies, asafoetida and salt. Remove it in a vessel add coconut and onions. Add water if required and bring to dosa batter consistency. Heat a dosa tawa and brush it with little oil. Keep the heat on medium and make as far as possible thin Adais i.e like the way we make dosas. Take the batter in a ladle, pouring in the centre of the tawa and with the back of the ladle spread the batter on the tawa in circular motions. The tawa should neither be too hot nor too cold. Drizzle some oil on top of the Adai and cover and cook little the bottom side is done. Then flip it on the other side, drizzle some more oil and let it cook again ( no need to cover it). Remove it to a plate and serve it hot with the side dish of your choice.

Note : If you are planning to keep some rest of the batter for the next day then pl. Keep the batter in the fridge without adding onions, salt and coconut. So that the batter does not get fermented for the next day.

And for my Halloween Decoration I used
Two Onion Rings and two black peppers for the eyes.
Carrots for the mouth.

And this Halloween Special Adai apart from taking part in the Recipe Marathon, it is also going to scare Srivalli at her Rice Mela conducted at Cooking 4 for Seasons.

And now lets see whats cooking at my fellow marathoner's kitchen.
1) DK

2) Siri

3) Srivalli

4) Ranji


6)Curry Leaf









15)Divya Kudua


17)Divya M






  1. Wow you r leaving comments in my blog and iam in your blog sametime. What a coincedence dear. Hallowen special Adai looks gr8. Nice entry to the event.

  2. Hi lakshmi,Ur recipes are great.Nice to run with u in RM..

  3. this is so cute..:) Nice running with you. Good Luck

  4. Halloween Special Adai looks so cute and pretty...

  5. I am smiling like you adai, looking to the picture

  6. First time to your blog and must say you have a yummy blog......
    Halloween special Adai looks inviting and tempting..

    Purva's Daawat

  7. Halloween adai looks cute,like the idea of making adai with one type of parappu instead of three the way we usually do...

  8. Boooooo!!! Looks a rather sweet and humorous ghost:)

  9. Lovely and the presentation is cute,Nice breakfast entry

  10. Wowowwwwwww very creative...love really ur creativity Lakshmi...

  11. Smiling Adai..lovely Lakshmi..Nice to run the race with you

  12. omg..I am so scared!..heheh...thanks for the entry!

  13. wow Adai looks very tasty lakshmi. very nice. somehow m not able to comment in ur blog. trying from past two days :(.

  14. Kids sure do love them, looks nice :)

  15. All the best with the marathon,the creative adai looks Yummy!

  16. Very creative of you to have decorated the adai. Nice

  17. rofl - that adai looks cute not so much scary :D. i posted something similar today.


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