Utterly Butterly Flaky Croissants

Aparna of My Diverse Kitchen had chosen to bake "Croissants" this month for the "We Knead to Bake" group. And so it was Croissants and Macaroons all over blogosphere this month.

My children and I have always enjoyed croissants.  Many a times I have used the readymade sheets available for Croissants and baked it at home.  So it has always been in my trial list.  But because of loss of a perfect recipe and directions I never attempted to do it.  But this month Aparna gave a very detailed instruction and a good recipe.  So it all worked out fine, without any problem.

The process of baking croissants in this recipe is for three days.  We do a little work on it all the three days.  You can find the detailed recipe at Aparna's My Diverse Kitchen.  Please give me sometime to put the detailed recipe here.  The original recipe was from Jeffrey Hammelman's at Fine Cooking.


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