Monday, October 15, 2012

Khasta Kachori

Khasta Kachori is a deep fried snack of North India. These kachoris are given a spicy moong dal filling.

Khasta means flaky. And these flacky Kachoris originate from Rajasthan and very famously known as Rajasthani Kachori. It is a very famous road side snack in Bombay. In Bombay they are served with a filling of dahi, sprouts, sweet chutney and a spicy chutney. Those kachoris used to be bigger in size and was a very filling snack. I was a great fan and a great addict to these Kachoris. There was a famous Kachori wala in a small lane near the Mulund Railway station. There used to be always lot of rush for his Kachoris and we had to take coupons and wait for our turn.

I am posting this recipe for the Indian Cooking Challenge - September conducted by Srivalli in her blog Spice Your Life.

You can find the recipe for it here.


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