Monday, July 19, 2010

T&T : Zlamushka's Spicy Kitchen & A Note of Thanks

Today I am starting my post with an apology. I apologise to Zlamushka and to all my friends for a very late round up of this event. And for posting only events and roundups and not much recipe posts. Nowadays with children and their busy schedule I am finding very lass time to spend for the blog. Though I have many pending posts.

And next I would like to heartily thank all my followers, for following me and giving me a great boost. When I was new I used to see the followers list in others blog with awe. I used to think to myself, so many followers, nice. And the day I got my first follower I was very happy and felt like flying high up in the sky. And now today when I opened my blog after a long time, I saw that the followers list has touched 100. I was very very happy to see it. To me ofcourse it seems like a great achievement which ofcourse is a result of all my blogger friends. Thanks again for all the support you give me.

Now coming to the roundup of T&T : Zlamushka's Spicy Kitchen.  This T&T which is being hosted by me is an event started by Zlamushka. The intention of the event is to try out recipes from a food blog each month and blog about our experience.

This month T&T is being hosted by Janet of and the blog being tasted is Usha's Veg Inspiration.

 When I was going through Zlamushka's blog I found a variety of recipes from around the world. I liked many, bookmarked many, tried a few of them. But to my disappointment couldn't post them on time.

Now without delaying further I am posting the much awaited roundup. The entries are in the order I had received them.

ChichaJo of 80 Breakfasts has tried Raisin Stuffed Chilli Pepper Pickles from Here

Cabbage Fritters by Priya Mitharwala of Mharo Rajasthan's Recipe

Cabbage Vadai by Priya Srinivasan of Enveetu Kitchen

Lisa of Lisa's Kitchen has tried out Fresh Kamut Flour and turned it into Tibetan campa from Here

Universal Pasta Sauce by Priya Suresh of Priya's Easy and Tasty Recipes from Here

Cabbage Vadai by Denny Lucas of Oh Taste and See from Here

Vegetable Cream Soup tried by Christine of Kits Chow

The "5 Digestives" Tea tried by Christine of Kits Chow

Tabbouleh tried by Christine of Kits Chow

Vendakkai Mor Kuzhambu / Buttermilk Sambhar by Me (Lakshmi Venkatesh) from Here

I would also like to call for Hosts for the T&T future events. If interested you can live it as a comment here or send me a mail to For more details, please have a look here -


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