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Announcing RCI - Mumbai

First of all I would like to thank all my friends for the great support and enthusiasm you all had shown for "Think Spice - Think Red Chillies". Since I had not been keeping well for sometime now, I couldn't post the round-up for it in time. Will post it soon. 

Now coming to "RCI - Regional Cuisines of India" is an event started by Lakshmi Krishnan of Veggie Cuisine.  The theme for this month is the Great Mumbai.

Exotic Cuisine of Mumbai 
Indian food is as varied as India, every region and state having its characteristic dishes, and you can get them all here. 

Mumbai is one of the most popular travel destination of Western India. Mumbai is the country's most cosmopolitan city. As it is on the seashore, the cuisine of Mumbai depends heavily on fish and coconuts. 

Food simply means scrumptious dishes in Mumbai. The Chaupati Beach always reminds one of the lip-smacking 'Bhel-Puri' a fast-food made of puffed rice with lots of chillies, sauces and chopped onions. A typical Bombay platter consists of curries, rice, curd, chapattis, vegetable, salad, sweets etc. In fact, platter system is quite prevalent in the city and makes the most-preferred meal, seeing that it contains the all-inclusive diet of an individual. The traditional food of Mumbai is just awesome. Mumbai's dishes like Bombil Batata Bhaji, Kamag Kakri, Solachi Kadhi etc, are famous all over India. Here, people enjoy their own variety of fast-food, which ranges from Bhel Puri to Pav Bhaji and Vada Pav to Pani Puri. Most of these snacks are really hot and spicy, which would certainly tickle your taste-buds.

Vada Pav, the poor man's food,the hamburger of Mumbai, is a deep fried cutlet made of potatoes inside round-shaped bread.  

Bhelpuri is a sweet and spicy combination of puffed rice, onions, boiled potatoes, puri, coriander, mint, chililes and chutney.

Pav bhaji is a potpourri of cooked and spiced vegetables such as peas, peppers, tomatoes, potatoes and onions accompanied by a bread bun.

Panipuri are lightweight puffed semolina or flour cakes, eaten with a filling of boiled pulses (lentils), spices, tamarind chutney and spicy water.

Hot and Spicy Sabudana vada Crisp sago balls deep fried in oil or ghee. 

Onion Bhaji spicy onion fritters - a light snack

Sabudana Khichdi a delicious snack of sago, Maharashtrian fasting favorite.

Potato vadaspicy potato balls coated with batter of gram flour and deep fried in oil 

Kaande Poheflaked, beaten rice snack with onions and potatoes.

Vegetable sandwich filled with slices of tomato, potato and cucumber with spicy chutney.

Vatali dal Soaked and ground chana dal tastes different when cooked this way. A good substitute for breakfast or tea time snack.

Kothimbir Vadi fried squares made of coriander leaves (cilantro) and other spices

Alu vadi Spicy cakes of colocassia leaves. Also know as 'Patra'.

Bread Rolls spicy bread rolls filled with mashed potatoes and deep/shallow fried in oil.

Matar Patties patties filled with green peas and other spices.

Phodnichi Poli spicy snack made of leftover chapatti.

Bread sheera Crispy dish made of bread pieces, chilies and onions. Some Marathi people call it 'Pavacha sheera', 'Phodnicha pav','Pavacha uppama' or Pavachi usal'. Real quick and delicious snack!Mokal Bhaajani (Phodnichi Bhaajani) ingredients of Thalipeeth, but cooked in different style. 

Dahi batata puri good substitute for breakfast or mini meals during summer days.

Misal Pav as the name suggests, a spicy mixture of pulses, potatoes and other spices, easy to prepare 

Shev batata puri a light snack made of flat puris garnished with mashed potatoes, chutneys and other condiments.

Tikhat-mithachi puri a delicious spicy version of puris 

Pav bhaaji medley of variety of vegetables cooked in different style, Mumbai knows what people like!

Ghavan rice flour pancakes - a quick meal.

Sabudana Thalipeeth sago and potato pancakes

Instructions for "RCI - Mumbai" :

(a) So dear bloggers, now its time for you all to cook up some amazing Mumbai dishes in your wonderful kitchens and post it in your blog. Both vegetarian and non-vegetarian posts are welcome.

(b) Post as many Recipes as you like on your blog for this RCI - Mumbai Event this November.  

(c) Linking back to this "RCI - Mumbai" Announcement -  and to Lakshmi Krishnan's blog -  Veggie Cuisine is a must.

(d) It would also be very much appreciated if you can also include any information about Mumbai Cuisines. 

(f) Using the Logo to the event is also appreciated. (Will be up shortly)

(g) Old post’s are also accepted only if it is re-published and linked back to this announcement post and to Lakshmi Krishnan's blog -  Veggie Cuisine

(h) E-mail me to

   kitchenchronicles1(AT)gmail(dot)com with SUBJECT as "RCI - Mumbai" along with the following details..

Your Name:
Your Blog Name:
Name of the Dish: 
Link/URL of the Post: 
Attach a Picture of the Dish. Size 300 x 300 . 

(i) Deadline for all the entries will be the 5th December-2009. 

(j) You don't have a blog but want to take part in this event, it’s not at all a problem. You can send me your Recipe along with the picture of the dish to kitchenchronicles1(AT)gmail(dot)com with SUBJECT as "RCI - Mumbai". Don’t forget to mention your name and your location.


  1. Hi,
    When will you be announcing "Cooking for kids event"? Please send me the link once you are done. Also link to Neivedyam and do ask people, if they wish to host the event, they can leave comment in my site.
    All the best wishes and regards

  2. Hi. Hope you are feeling well and recuperating fast.Great theme, will surely try to participate.

  3. wonderful theme and nice event!
    Have a blast hosting it dear!
    Take care, hope u r feeling better now.

  4. Wonderful theme Lakshmi, will send my post soon..take care of u dear..

  5. A very interesting event, as their are so many foodie bloggers from mumbai with their authentic recipes, will definetly try to participate, wonderful theme lakshmi, you said you weren't feeling do take care..

  6. Hope your health is back to normal. Lovely theme and I liked the list of recipes you have compiled. Good pointers to start with.

  7. Aahaa! i have bhel puri in my picassa waiting to see light of blogsphere! will do it soon.
    Take care about your health!

  8. Wow .. nice event, count me in !!

  9. Lakshmi of veggie cusine hosts only events, no posts last 2 years. Lately poor reponses for blog events.

  10. Hi nice event count me in. you have a nice blog. do checkout mine.

    also my events and roundup blog rgds

  11. Hi!! Good to c back. Nice Event!!! Aamchi Mumbai cuisine, count me in.

  12. Great Event. Amchi Mumbai, here I come with my recipe. Since I'm originally from Mumbai participating in this event will mean a lot to me.

  13. Hey nice blog, i am first time here. I am following you.I liked your event very much, so i am participating in it.You will soon recieve my email.

  14. Hi,
    Have just sent you my entries for this event! Thanks!

  15. Hi Lakshmi, Tried linking my recipes below but was not able to! However I have linked your blog & this post to the recipes' post on my blog. Thanks!


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