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Sunday, August 9, 2009

Toast Sandwich

I used to go with my father to his Nariman Point office in Bombay sometimes. His usual lunch was this Toast Sandwich and a plate of fruit salad. I also used to enjoy it. As it is I am a big fan of Bread Toasts. So it used to be my favourite.

I used to study the Toast Sandwich which we bought for lunch and tried making it at home. The first time itself it became a great hit. So this toast sandwich has always been a winning dish from then on. It is versatile and you can change or add any of the ingredients as you like.


Carrot – 1 Half cooked & cut into rings

Beetroot – 1 Half Cooked & cut into rings

Potato – 1 Half Cooked & cut into rings

Bell Pepper – 1 (cut into rings)

Cucumber – 1 ( Cut into Slices )

Onion – 2 ( Cut into Slices )

Green Chutney or Tomato Chutney or Hot tomato sauce – ½ cup

Bread Slices – 16 to 18 slices

Butter (softened)


Heat the sandwich toaster. Apply butter on one side of the bread slices. And apply the chutney of your choice on the other side. Place the bread slice with the butter side touching the toaster. Place the pieces of veg layer by layer. Close with another slice of bread. And now close the toaster. Let it cook for some time.

And thats it Tasty Veg. Toast Sandwich is ready. Serve it just like that or with sauce.

This Veg. Toast Sandwich is going to Divya of Dil Se's Show me you sandwich event.